Chongqing Peidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in 1939, with the former name of Chongqing Peidu Pharmaceutical Factory. It was rebuilt in 1992, and now it is a medium joint-stock enterprise incorporating the medical scientific research, production and sale. The registered capital is 50 million, and the fixed asset is 150 million.

As a first class medical enterprise with distinguished brand of Peidu, Peidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been devoting to excavate the Chinese medicine treasure, enhance the overall strengthen of the Traditional Chinese Medicine industrial modernization, and try our best to ensure every pill of Peidu product is the crystal of the modern technology.

We have specialized in below three fields for many years:

  1. Plaster: Bone-building Musk Analgesic Plaster, Peidu Dog skin Plaster, Peidu Jingjianyaotui Yitiening Plaster, Capsicum Rheumatism Plaster, Rheumatism Dispelling & Analgestic Plaster, Compound Dispel-Rheumatism Plaster, Antiphlogistic & Analgesic Plaster, etc.

  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine antibiotic: Sankangsu Antiphlogestic Tablet, Gaoshanqing Granule, etc.

  3. Angiocarpy and cerebrovascular medicine: Baoxinning Capsule, tongmai Granule, Danqi Tablet, etc.

  4. Others: Shuganyipi Granule, Tianzhu Yinyangsuo Granule, Huoli Capsule, etc.

We have always deemed it to be our duty to flourish the Traditional Chinese Medicine and promote good health for the people all over the world.

Warmly welcome the peers to join Peidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. We take “high quality, good reputation and sincere emotion” as the service purpose and advance with the times.