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1.      Certificates:

We provide agency all legal certificates for selling our products,including Pharmaceutical Production License, Business License, GMP Certificate, Production Instructions, Quality Standard, Inspection Report, Pricing Instructions, Authorization Letter and other materials related.

2. Quality Assurance:

(1). We take responsibility for product quality, offering qualified goods in conformity with national standard.

(2). If any quality problem found out , we will take the responsibility and the related charges, and handle it in the best way together with agency.

3. Goods Return:

Regarding any quality problem, we promise goods return without any condition. Other reasons, agency should proceed within three months without any damage of goods and with full package; three months later, it is considered giving up this support.

4. Service Ensurance:

(1). We promise to provide invoices and delivery goods timely according to the contract, always with well service and strict management.

(2). We establish agency management and visiting regulations, offering agency with sales instructions timely.

5. Selling Area:

(1). We carry out Four Class agencies throughout our nation:first class is for province or municipality, second class is for provicial capital and developed cities, third class is for prefecture-level city, forth class is for county-level cities and towns.

(2). Only one agency in a specific area,in which we should not distribute goods to other agencies, and agency should not sale goods beyound that area, otherwise, either agency or we should take corresponding responsibilities.

(3). To ensure agency’s benefits and prevent overarea and low-price selling, we collect certain amount of deposit from agencyRMB 30,000 for first class agency, RMB 10,000 for second class agency, RMB 5,000 for third class agency, RMB 2,000 for forth class agency,or according to order quantity. The deposit will be returned to agency if no default found untill contract terminated. If agency requires particular specification, then 1000 carton package fee of this specification should be prepaid.

(4). Establish strict marketing management regulations and increase inspection strength to prevent overarea and low-price selling and ensure agency’s benefits and enthusiasm.

(5). Serial number is available on each box for better tracking.

(6). Agency should strictly comply with price regulations to ensure long-term stable development.

6. Marketing Support

(1). We design particular marketing plans for agencies together with them in order to make advantages complemented and market developing in a better way.

(2). According to developing phases, we provide product promotional materials, roadboard, lamphouse, POP materials, or plan promotional projects together.

(3). According to product features, we will provide necessary documents such as medicine insurance catalog, OTC catalog, price publicity information, etc.

(4). If needed, we will help agencies to carry out promotional activities.

(5). Due to this is the most competitive price, we will only pay expenses for promotional materials, other fees should be paied by agencies.

7. Government Support:

Regarding to the agency policy, we strive to ensure agencies’ benefits with fair and open market environment, and assure policy stability within the period specified in contract, and preference policy is available for those with outstanding sales acheivement.

8. Benefit Assurance:

(1). We provide good quality products with reasonable price, leaving large margin of profit to agencies.

(2). To establish a long-term stable cooperation relationship, agencies can sell all our products developed in the future without any other conditions.

(3). The duration for agency is two years, and renewation is available with agreement. We evaluate agencies’ sales acheivement yearly, and have 1%-2% reward to those with outperformance.

9. Payment Term:

(1). Cash take with the agency price.

(2). We provide 17% VAT invoice with the agency price, and agencies should be responsible for tax occurred above the agency price.